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  • Xiaomi releases new Sub-Brand

    Xiaomi has already conquered many places in the world with its relatively inexpensive devices, but is often still seen as a budget player. Not surprising, because the most successful Xiaomi smartphones are not the most expensive variants, especially in India. With a new sub-brand name Poco this has to change. Under the guidance of former […]

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has arrived!

    The run-up was long and fans could not wait until we finally knew everything about the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. Well, we already knew a lot, but now it’s really official. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes out on August 24 and it is a beast! Initially, two versions of the Note 9 will be […]

  • Google Pixel 3 XL Leaked

    Thanks to a blogger from Ukraine, all information has been leaked when it comes to the new Google Pixel 3 XL. The smartphone has yet to be officially announced, but this blogger has a production copy, including the packaging. Because of this leak, new information is on the table. So this is a white copy […]

  • Is RED taking the piss?

    The RED Hydrogen One is without a doubt one of the most promising devices of the past years. It would be the world’s first holographic smartphone. This really innovative approach, on the other hand, takes more time than hoped for, according to the developer in a blog post. People who pre-ordered the Hydrogen One would […]

  • Oppo first company to release Gorilla Glass 6 phone?

    Oppo has announced that the brand’s next flagship will have Gorilla Glass 6. According to the Chinese phone maker, they will be the first with a smartphone with this type of strong glass. The new type of glass was presented in July. The smartphone maker has not made it clear when the new flagship will […]

  • Say goodbye to your iPhone 3.5mm Headphone jack

    Apple said goodbye to the beloved 3.5mm headphone jack with the iPhone 7. To compensate for this loss, you get a dongle with the purchase of this smartphone, so that you can still connect a headphone via the Lightning connection. However, the question is whether Apple will once again offer such a dongle with the […]

  • Bigger iPhone X Plus confirmed!

    We probably do not have to wait long for the release of the new iPhones. Just like in previous years, it is expected that the new smartphones from Apple will be presented in the autumn. This year allegedly three models were presented: a cheaper iPhone X with LCD screen, the successor to the iPhone X […]

  • The new iPad Pro will have no notch!

    The chance that a new iPad Pro will be launched this autumn is quite big. The chance that this iPad Pro gets a borderless screen is also as good as 100 percent, because in the Developer Beta of iOS 12 new icons can be found that show this iPad. The iPad Pro gets thinner bezels […]

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