Apple applies for a patent for MacBook with virtual keyboard and invisible trackpad

The latest generations of MacBooks are known to have keyboards whose keys have only a low travel distance to ensure that the laptops can become very thin. Obviously, the choice for such keyboards also creates some disadvantages, such as the fact that repairs are not easy. Apple is responding to this by providing a Keyboard Service Program and applying a silicone coating to their latest MacBook Pro, but now the company seems to be working on a new solution that can make the laptops even thinner without the above problems.

The latter is apparent from a new patent application from the American company in which we can see a MacBook without a keyboard, but with a second screen on the bottom half of the laptop. That screen would have a lower resolution than the upper screen, protected by hardened glass and would serve to display a virtual keyboard that gives the feeling of a real keyboard by using the "Taptic engine". The trackpad would also be virtual, so that it can be placed where the user prefers.

The step from a physical to a virtual keyboard seems very big, so we can ask ourselves the question whether the market is actually ready for this and whether Apple would like to introduce this patent quickly in a new laptop if they were assigned. If new information comes to light, you obviously read it here, but we conclude with the question if you would rather want a real or virtual keyboard.

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