Apple will release a new Macbook Air

Earlier this year, Apple provided the MacBook Pro with a technical upgrade. The regular MacBook and the MacBook Air were excluded from this update. The Pros are pretty pricey and so customers who want an Apple laptop are faced with a dilemma. Get the technically advanced new Pros for the top prize, or buy the now outdated and cheaper Macbook or MacBook Air.

In that case, you better be patient. According to reports from Asia, Apple will provide the MacBook and the MacBook Air with an update in the coming months. This means that before the holidays in December you can purchase a new MacBook that is technically up-to-date. If you are not interested in a technically better MacBook, you might be better off. Perhaps Apple or electronics stores offer the older models at a cheaper price, so you still score a nice offer.

The MacBook Air is out of date in 2018. The laptop costs no less than 1,097.91 euros in the Netherlands and you do not even have a modern Retina screen. Patience is a good thing and that is certainly true in this case.

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