Bigger iPhone X Plus confirmed!

We probably do not have to wait long for the release of the new iPhones. Just like in previous years, it is expected that the new smartphones from Apple will be presented in the autumn. This year allegedly three models were presented: a cheaper iPhone X with LCD screen, the successor to the iPhone X and an iPhone X Plus.

Thanks to technician Guilherme Rambo, the latter smartphone is almost certainly confirmed. During a search through Apple firmware, an icon was found with the iPhone X Plus on it. In addition to the Plus variant, an icon has also been found for the borderless iPad without headphone input, which we know from an earlier ‘leak’.

Rambo, however, lets know that all icons are still at an early stage and are not yet ‘finished’. The images will therefore not be seen as an exact copy of the devices that will be presented in a few weeks time.

It is not the first time that Rambo has a beautiful Apple scoop. So he knew last year by a similar leak as one of the first sure how the new iPhone X would look like.

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