Budget iPhone might still come after all?

According to all rumors, Apple would introduce three new iPhones in September. The mass production of the LCD ‘budget iPhone’ may, however, have a delay in the delivery time.
Three new models

For the second time in history, Apple releases three new iPhones at the same time in September. In 2014, the company switched from one to two new models, the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. Every year two new top models were introduced. Last year, the number was increased to three: the iPhone 8, the 8 Plus and a new flagship, the iPhone X. That of a number of models also a PRODUCT (RED) version was released, let’s just ignore.

The expectation is that Apple will release three new models in September. The budget iPhone, the successor of the current iPhone X and its big brother that is popularly called iPhone X Plus. Incidentally, Apple will most likely not use these names. We will mark the way the phones are going to be called at the introduction in September.

According to reports, during quality inspections it was established that the LCD of the budget iPhone suffers from stray light caused by the backlight unit. The problem has now been solved but initially a delay of 6 weeks in the delivery time was expected. This has now been reduced to 1 month. Inquire at Apple about this delay has not yet yielded an answer.

Should Apple decide to introduce all three models at the same time, delivery will still be problematic. Due to the delay in the delivery process and the expected popularity of the budget model, Apple will have too little stock at the launch to be able to deliver immediately. It is therefore expected that customers who order the LCD version of the iPhone will not receive it until the end of October at the earliest.
iPhone X also struggled with delayed delivery

Also last year – in spite of the introduction of all three models in September – the iPhone X was also delayed delivery. Customers only received their top model in November. The expectation is that Apple will just present the three new models next September.

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