Finally! iPhones will come out with Dual Sim?

With its features and reputation, the Apple iPhone is loved by many as a business smartphone. It is therefore strange to say that the American tech giant has never offered the smartphone with dual-sim. A sim for private and a sim for business, so you do not have to have multiple devices in your pocket.

There were always rumors that the Apple iPhone would get dual-sim, but now it seems hard evidence has been found for the first time. In the fifth version of the iOS 12 developer beta, some code was found refererring for dual sim support. This could mean that the new iPhones, which will be brought to market with iOS 12, have a dual-sim capability.

Maybe Apple does not intend to equip the new iPhones with dual-sim and suggests a different technical development. We sure hope that Apple does bring out a Dual Sim iPhone, as this would be a must buy for sure for us!

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