Is RED taking the piss?

The RED Hydrogen One is without a doubt one of the most promising devices of the past years. It would be the world's first holographic smartphone. This really innovative approach, on the other hand, takes more time than hoped for, according to the developer in a blog post.

People who pre-ordered the Hydrogen One would get the device in August. That has now been postponed to October 9, about two months later. American providers AT & T and Verizon and Telcel from Mexico will not even deliver the Hydrogen One until November 2nd.

You can get it sooner but ...
Users could also sign up for a strange other edition. In addition to the standard version and the titanium (premium) version, there is the Houdini version. This comes installed with pre-release firmware and apps. On the other hand, there is only one.

All feedback must be passed on to manufacturer RED via a pre-installed app. If you criticize the device online, you have a chance that your device will be blocked. Yup, it really is that bad. The Houdini version - which strikes itself out of all forms of transparency - is delivered from 31 August to 11 September.

So now we cannot even talk honestly about a phone when it gets released? Is RED taking the piss?

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