Macbook Air finally gets a replacement?

If the rumors are correct, there will be a new 13-inch Macbook on the market this year. That laptop would be cheaper, but that turns out to be relative. Digitimes states that the new 13 "Macbook will cost about $ 1,200. So you can count on that in the Netherlands at least 1400 to 1500 euros for this model are lost.

That is not really cheap, because the cheapest Macbook Air you currently score for 899 euros. It is about the 2017 model with a meager 128 GB of storage space, but who tells us that the new Macbook goes over there? We get the answer to that question in September, because next to the successor of the iPhone X the new Macbook would be launched.

In terms of specs, it is still guessing what Apple will put in the Macbook. We are pretty sure that there is a Kaby Lake processor under the bonnet, but we have not heard anything about the clock speed.

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