New Google Pixel Pictures Leaked!

The Pixel line from Google is a special one. Almost 2 years ago the search engine proudly presented its first truly own smartphones. With varying success, partly due to the hefty price tag and limited availability. Also, Google seems to look at a few things at Apple, the fearsome competitor.

After removing the headphone jack, there is no room for a decent edge at the Pixel 3 XL. This makes room for a big notch, a trend that was started by Essential but really became a trend after the iPhone X. This can be seen in the leaked device at XDA Developers.

The text on the smartphone shows that it is a ‘crosshatch EVT1.0’. Crosshatch is reportedly the code name for Google’s device, and ETV is an abbreviation for Engineering Validation Test. The chance that we see below the only real Pixel 3 XL that will also be available in the store, is therefore undiminished.

The definitive design may of course differ slightly, but we fear the worst. However, it can be seen that there will be 4GB of RAM and at least 64GB of storage, a nice windfall. The screen of the XL would be 6.2 inches tall with an aspect ratio of 19: 9, while its smaller brother without nick will most likely get a screen of 5.4 inches and a ratio of 18: 9.

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