New Samsung Galaxy watch revealed!

Lately there is a lot of talk about the new, upcoming smartwatch from Samsung. According to the latest leak, the wearable would go through life as the ‘Galaxy Watch’ instead of the Gear S4. In addition, the watch would be based on Android Wear, instead of Samsung’s own Tizen. Like the earlier rumor, Ice Universe reports a battery with a capacity of 470 mAh. In addition, the Galaxy Watch should have “new UX interactions” and measure your blood pressure.

It seems that Samsung has given a confirmation that it will bring the Galaxy Watch on the market. The product was shown briefly on the manufacturer’s website before the page was removed. The wearable was spotted by Twitter user @sugabeticme, who then reported it to CNET, along with the screenshot below.

A lot of information is not given by the screenshot, but it seems to be a smartwatch with the choice of bands with multiple dimensions. In addition, it could be concluded that the Watch is available in a bluetooth or lte version.

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