Pixel 3 Docking station will have a speaker?

Google is probably working on a Pixel Stand. According to a rumor, this charging station of the Pixel 3 would make a smart speaker.
Pixel Stand rumor: makes smart speaker from Pixel 3

The Google Assistant pops up on all kinds of devices, but the most important thing is the smartphone and smart speaker. The one on the go, and a Google Home for home. The new Pixel Stand from Google probably adds both products together.

The Pixel Stand has not yet been officially announced, but website 9to5Google has found an entry to this device in the code of the Google app. It seems to be a charging station for the Pixel 3. With the phone on this station, the device can be used as a smart speaker.

pixel stand rumor

This may mean that you can ask questions with the Pixel 3 in the Pixel Stand from a distance and control your smart home. Possibly processed via an extra microphone and speaker in the station.
More about the Pixel 3

The Pixel 3 will probably be unveiled next October during Google’s annual hardware event. Previous rumors already stated that the device is likely to charge wirelessly through a glass back. It is quite possible that the Pixel Stand uses it. Furthermore, the device would get two cameras at the front, and a single camera at the back.

In addition to the Pixel 3 and Pixel Stand, we expect more Pixel products during the Made By Google 2018 event. Namely a smartwatch, new earphones and a new Chromebook. This hardware will release Google next autumn.

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