Qualcomm will stop supplying apple its modems

Qualcomm says that from this year Apple will no longer use its modems in new iPhones. That would mean that the models released this year only have modems from Intel. The cause is probably the legal conflict between the two companies.

George S. Davis, Qualcomm’s financial chief, said during an earnings call that Apple intends to use only “our competitor’s modems” in the upcoming iPhones. However, Qualcomm will continue to supply modems for existing models. A transcript of the call can be read at Seeking Alpha.

Qualcomm does not mention Intel by name, but that is currently the only other manufacturer that supplies modems for iPhones. With that, it seems that the iPhone models released by Apple this autumn will only contain Intel models. Intel presented a modem that is suitable for 5G networks at the end of last year. Apple has been using Intel modems since the arrival of the iPhone 7, but so far, in addition to copies of Qualcomm.

At the end of last year there was already a rumor that Apple would consider no longer using Qualcomm modems in iPhones and iPads. According to those rumors, Apple would switch to Intel modems and perhaps copies of MediaTek.

Apple and Qualcomm have been involved in a legal battle since the beginning of last year. Apple sued Qualcomm because of a conflict over royalties. The iPhone maker wants a number of patents to be declared invalid and demands that Qualcomm refunds a billion dollars. Also, the amounts for license payments according to Apple down.

Qualcomm, in turn, complained to Apple. The chip designer demands compensation, because Apple would not have fulfilled agreements. The company also demands that Apple no longer interfere with agreements between Qualcomm and manufacturers who make the iPhone and iPad on behalf of Apple. In addition, the chip designer accuses Apple of having encouraged regulators to ‘attack’ on the company.

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