Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has arrived!

The run-up was long and fans could not wait until we finally knew everything about the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. Well, we already knew a lot, but now it’s really official. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes out on August 24 and it is a beast!

Initially, two versions of the Note 9 will be issued, namely the implementation of 128 GB of storage space for € 999 euros and the edition with 512 GB for a sloppy € 1249 euros. Yes, high-end is almost an understatement. For the photographers and gamers among us that memory can be extended to a jaw dropping 1 terabyte.

Under the bonnet, the Galaxy Note 9 is equipped with an unnamed 10nm 64-bit Octa-core processor with a clock speed of up to 2.8 GHz. The cheaper version of 128GB has 6GB of RAM while the more expensive version is equipped with 8GB of RAM.

The device will be equipped with an AMOLED display of 6.4 inches while the resolution of that screen is 2960 × 1440 pixels. Samsung honors the term ‘phablet’ in any case. To provide that gigantic screen with energy, the Galaxy Note 9 incidentally gets a solid 4000mAh battery; 700mAh more than its predecessor, but that also makes for a slightly larger device.

Snaps can also shoot the Note 9. Both cameras on the back are stabilized by means of Optical Image Stabilization. Both lenses are 12MP of which the telephoto lens can provide 2X optical zoom and up to 10X digital zoom.

S Pen
Obviously, a Galaxy Note family would not be a Note without the updated S Pen. In the device itself is a storage lock for the smart pen, which is also charged there. Once removed, the pen connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth. Then you can just do something more than just take notes.

Not only do you make selfies and group photos, you present slides, you pause a video with the S Pen, developers can also integrate the device later this year in their apps for even more creative functionalities.

Locking, colors and more
With six different locking options, there is a kind of lock for everyone’s liking. Of course you can enter a password, pin or pattern, but you can also throw it over the biometric bow. In that case you can choose from a fingerprint scanner, an iris scanner and face recognition.

Depending on the model there are three colors from which you can choose (not the expected 5 colors) and depending on the color, you also get a matching S Pen. The version of € 999 is available in Ocean Blue, Midnight Black and Lavender Purple (shown in the header picture in that order) while the more expensive version is only available in Midnight Black.

The Note 9 comes standard with Android 8.1 Oreo, has room for two SIM cards and still contains all kinds of software to guarantee the best photos. This is how the device sees when someone has closed their eyes, for example, and on the basis of the objects in a photograph, the Note 9 categorizes a photo into one of the twenty available categories, after which the software applies the corresponding optimization.

Trade-in action
Fans who want the Galaxy Note 9 as soon as possible in their hands can have the device pre-order from today. If you exchange your current smartphone for the release (up to and including 23 August) for a pre-order, you will receive € 100 plus the trade-in value of your device at a discount. If you hand in an old Galaxy Note, you will receive no less than € 200 plus the trade-in value.

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