The new iPad Pro will have no notch!

The chance that a new iPad Pro will be launched this autumn is quite big. The chance that this iPad Pro gets a borderless screen is also as good as 100 percent, because in the Developer Beta of iOS 12 new icons can be found that show this iPad. The iPad Pro gets thinner bezels around, while also the home button disappears.

A notch is missing on the icons, so the question is where Apple will hide the camera module. The most likely option is the bezel itself, which with a tablet of this size is still slightly thicker than with a device such as the iPhone X. There should therefore be enough space for a front camera and all associated sensors.

In a previous iOS 12-beta was already found that the new iPad Pro would be provided with Face ID. Whether that works ideal on a tablet of this size, which often lies on a table, is the question, but we will undoubtedly find out within a few weeks.

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